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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction: is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of users' personal and private information submitted via the website

2. Deffinitions:

2.1. "" means the website, the administration of the website and the owners of the website.

2.2. "User" means any person who (a) has indicated that he/she has read the Terms and conditions, (b) as well as this Privacy policy, and (c) has submitted information on the website.

2.3. "" acts as an internet-based tool to (a) collect information in order to create a personal website for a specific user, and (b) as a tool to search the internet in order to visit such created websites, and (c) as an advertising platform for related businesses which must be approved by the administration.

2.4. "User information" refers to personal and private information submitted to the website which identifies or relates to a user, wether the user is an individual or a business.

2.5. This Privacy policy outlines in full's commitment to the user in this regard and must be read by the user before he/she may proceed to operate on the website.

3. User responsibilities:

The user can help to maintain the security of his/her information by:

3.1. Not sharing his/her username and password with anyone;

3.2. Not leaving his/her computer unattended whilst being logged in to the website or any relevant website thereof;

3.3. Not sending any confidential information via email to any third party;

3.4. Not entering his/her login information to any other website.

4. User information purpose: may use user information to: (a) identify the user, (b) enable a binding agreement between the user and, (c) communicate with the user via email or cellphone, (d) construct a website for the user (e) use this information in the search engin filters and results of the website, (e) offer advertising services to the user and (f) offer the services of other relevant websites to the user.

5. Sharing user information: may be required by law to provide user information:

5.1. This most often relates to government tax reporting requirements. In such an instance will only disclose the information specifically requested.

5.2. may be asked to disclose user information for matters of public interest, e.g. to assist in the prevention of crime. Before complying with such requests will ensure that the authorities involved have legitimate grounds to make such request.

5.3. Except as outlined above: will never sell or otherwise make available user information to any organization or third party.

6. Right to amend this Privacy policy:

6.1. reserves the right to amend this Privacy policy at any time.

6.2. Amendments to this Privacy policy will be posted on the website and will be effective fourteen (14) days after such posting.